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Life at Iron Hub Winery – Winter 2024

Harvest production crew

As we begin 2024 at Iron Hub, we first want to share the previous year’s highlights! First, we were awarded Best Winery in Amador in 2023! We thank you and we appreciate your support. Another major highlight of 2023 was the bountiful harvest our production team processed! Harvest started on September 25th and we finished pressing the last varietal, Aglianico, on November 15th. The 2023 vintage yielded an exceptional crop. The mild fall resulted in the grapes hanging on the vines for an extra month to fully ripen. This extended hang time allowed bright rich flavors and full-bodied tannins. Assistant winemaker Spencer states, “Mother Nature was on our side for the 2023 vintage. My Dad and I agreed that this vintage had the best harvest conditions we’d seen in a very long time.” We processed over 100 tons of fruit from our 32 acres of vines. By acquiring Spanish Creek vineyard, we now proudly farm 90% of our wine production! 

Most of our estate vineyards are dry-farmed, meaning we rely only on rain for irrigation. This farming method stresses the vines, resulting in lower yields that create richer flavors. Since October, we have received 15 inches of rain, halfway to our seasonal average of 30 inches! These winter storms have saturated the soil and refilled the water table. At Iron Hub, we embrace a sustainable approach to fertilization, relying on our cover crops to naturally replenish Nitrogen in the soil. Our cover crop seeds, composed of clovers and mustard, are beginning to sprout in the vineyard. We plan to prune vines in late March, signaling the start of a new growing season. As the vines rest during winter’s dormancy, Spencer and Elise are busy in the cellar, moving the 2023 vintage to the barrels. There is never a dull day here at Iron Hub Winery!