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Veraison is Happening in the Vineyard!

Veraison is the process of green grape clusters changing to red or white and is significant because the grapes begin to accumulate sugar and is the ‘official’ countdown to harvest. Typically, whites ripen 4 weeks after veraison and reds ripen after 6 weeks. The growing conditions for the next month will determine when the grapes are fully mature. If temperatures rise above 95oF or strong winds blow through the vineyard, the stomata on the leaves’ surface close, inhibiting photosynthesis. This results in the grape’s metabolism to pause sugar accumulation. The 2023 vintage is at least one week behind the timing of the 2022 vintage. A later harvest is ideal for us at Iron Hub Winery. Not only do the clusters have more hang time to develop bright flavors, but we also have cooler mornings as fall approaches, creating ideal picking and crush conditions. “This is my favorite season”, explained Spencer. “I am excited for the 2023 vintage! It has been a spectacular growing season and the grape yields look exceptional”. The incredible rainfall we received this year (48 inches) has allowed us to dry farm nearly all of our vineyard blocks. Typically Spencer applies irrigation to our younger vineyard blocks to withstand the heat waves.

We are pleased to announce Spanish Creek Vineyard is officially a part of the Iron Hub estate! Tom has purchased fruit from this high-elevation vineyard for the last 32 years and we are ecstatic to now be partnering with Joe and Larry (owners of Spanish Creek). Due to this partnership, we look forward to our first estate Chardonnay and Zinfandel wines from the 2023 vintage in the future.