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Harvest 2023

wine production team

The vintage of 2023 has been filled with chilly harvest morn-ings, bins overflowing with grapes, and tanks filled with fresh wine! Due to moderate temperatures throughout the growing year, our harvest began several weeks later with our estate Sauvi-gnon Blanc on September 14th. Our first red grape harvest was our estate Syrah on September 29th. October was especially busy for our production crew, with the majority of our red grapes being harvested. Unlike the small 2022 vintage, yields this year are spectacular and above average. This late harvest has resulted in cooler Fall mornings creating ideal picking conditions. Assistant winemaker Spencer states, “The weather this year was perfect for growing high quality fruit. There wasn’t a heat wave or fire nearby that could have damaged the crop.” This year was especially excit-ing for Spencer as he managed the Spanish Creek vineyard, which doubled our estate vineyards. We are proud to be growing 95% of our grape production and look forward to sharing our estate Char-donnay and Zinfandel! 

Spencer, Frankie, and Elise have been working hard to process the bountiful vintage of 2023. The growing conditions of 2023 have resulted in fruit with bright acidity, intense flavors, and gen-tle tannins. On October 22nd we had 1.5 inches of rainfall, which was gladly received, since it suppressed fire danger and hydrated our vines as they enter dormancy. As November begins, we still have our Aglianico, Zinfandel, and Mourvedre to harvest! Spencer explains. “This year I had to be patient as the grapes ripened slow-ly, several varieties were a month later than previous years. It was well worth the wait though, the 2023 harvest will be one to re-member.”