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#CAWineStrong News Stories

A list of news stories covering the Wine Country Fires

Fires Won’t Destroy California Wine Industry

California’s Regional Wine Associations Unite

California firefighters say they finally ‘turned a corner’

Meteorologists: Rain ‘Very Likely’ Coming to Wine Country Fire Zones

Sharp Decline Expected in Grape Yield Due to Sonoma, Napa County Fires

Napa Growers Employ Best Practices for Working in Smoky Conditions

Caution Advised When Picking Napa Wine Grapes in Fire Areas

At Napa Vineyards Untouched by Wildfires, Grapes Must Still Be Picked

Latino Workers Flee California Wine Country Fires for Shelters, Beaches

Hope in Wine Country as Vineyards Assess the Long-Term Economic Impact of the Wildfires

Update on Visiting the Napa Valley

Difficult to Stop

Wine Country Fires: Why Are They So Deadly, Destructive and ?

Economic Impact of the Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino Fires

California Wildfires Threatening State’s Wine, Tourism Industries

How Will the California Fires Impact Wine?

Newest fires strike Sugarloaf area, Rutherford as Nuns Complex spreads over the Mayacamas. Sonoma City battle eases – Updated 6:03 a.m. PDT 10/16/17

Status on 65+ wineries (and wine businesses): Good, bad or gone – UPDATED 7: 01 a.m., Oct. 15

E.J. Gallo donating $1 million to relief efforts

Winery Associations throughout California band together for #CAWineStrong fundraiser

List of Wineries damaged or destroyed by the fires

Remembering those lost in the Wine Country Fires

Smoke taint and how fires damage grapes

Vineyards may have helped limit fire damage and spread