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Artisan Deli at Iron Hub Winery

Enjoy our patio while savoring artisan deli foods and Iron Hub wines

Point Reyes Blue. A favorite cheese, rich and tangy. Pairs with our red wines. $10.95
Brie. Triple Crème. Rich and creamy. $10.95
Monterey Jack. A rich white cheese that pairs well with our white or red wines. $7.45
Beemster Gouda. Rich, nutty flavors. Pairs well with red wines. $8.95
Apple Wood Smoked Gouda. A creamy, smoky soft cheese. Pairs well with red wines. $8.45
English Cheddar. A rich traditional flavor and soft texture. Pairs well with red or white wines. $8.95
Goat Cheese. Rich cheddar from goat milk. $9.95
Swiss Cheese. Mild and nutty. $8.95

Salami or Hummus
Salami Trio. Garlic-rich Genoa, sweet Coppa, and Mortadella. Pairs well with Zinfandel. $7.95
Salami. Sliced, with rich flavors. Pairs well with Chardonnay or Grenache. $6.95
Hummus. Original or Spicy. $5.95

Fig Spread. Classic flavor. $3.95
Lace Cookies with Chocolate. $8.95
Chocolate Truffle Cakes (GF). $9.95

Crackers, Nuts, and More
Ciabatta. Traditional bread roll. $3.75
Flatbread Crackers. Olive Oil or Rosemary. $6.45
Gluten-Free Crackers. Multigrain or Multiseed. $4.25
Nuts. Almonds or Pistachios. $2.75
Sparkling Water. $2
Bottled Water/Soda. $1

Summer 2022