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2021 Winter Update

winter vineyard view

Recent winter storms have replenished the water table in the soil, which is essential for the vines in the upcoming growing season. Our estate vineyards are primarily dry farmed, meaning we rely on Mother Nature for irrigation. As of early March, approximately 15 inches of rain has fallen, which is below the seasonal average. In between our vine rows, the ground cover crops such as clovers and grasses are well established preventing erosion of our nutrient rich top soils and increasing water absorption into our deep soils. The vines will soon be hand pruned marking the beginning of the next growing season. The vines themselves will remain dormant hopefully until early April, once the potential of frost damage has passed, fingers crossed!

Winter is an especially busy season for winemakers like Tom, who artfully blend and handcraft Iron Hub wines with an active barrel aging program. Tom has been blending the new 2020 vintage as it moves to the barrels. He is also finishing the 2019 vintage of red wines. There are many days with purple teeth!

Tom and Spencer will soon be preparing for bottling of the 2019 vintage this Spring.